«Another face of Dulcinea»


A collage-book that allows the reader to take part in the Game and participate in the development of plotlines. Motions and sketches are planning in your phantasy.

Contains two parts – a book inside the book.

The main part consists of text and 34 illustrations.

The Cine Diary (extras) – text and graphics.


Genre - synthetic/synergic.

A cinematographic novel about love with mystic and philosophical implication, elements of detective story with irony and humour. The plot was wrtitten with a montage approach and looped in a circle. Intrigue and suspense were keeped on till the end of the novel.


The idea of the novel is based on the time properties and its personal meaning for human. Here are important: a creative meaning of time, special view on the events beyond time and space, through an omnipotent and universal power of Love and Beauty.

On the basis of that novel were written a film script and visual series for the film.

On the motives of that novel I presented my personal exhibition “Unconditional contacts”, 2008, Moscow. (illustrations with extras from the novel, fine art, garments) (art & literature project)

“Bon voyage sur les pages de mon livre”)))

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